Get your bike ready for a ride with specialized bike and e-bike repair service

Classic or e-bike repairs

Well equipped bike is a number one requirement for a safe cycling experience. We offer a professional bike checkup, bike and e-bike repair service. We are official importer, repair center and MCipollini bike reseller company. Our staff is professionally trained and regularly educated on new bike trends.

What do we offer:

Price list

Service hour

30,00 EUR / hour

Small service

30,00 EUR / hour

General service

70,00 EUR

Big service

120,00 EUR

First service (Free for bikes bought at MSport)

30,00 EUR / hour

Bike wash

20,00 EUR

Shifting gear calibration

15,00 EUR / set

Brakes installation

15,00 EUR / set

Deareation of hidraulic brakes

30,00 EUR / set

Shoe blocker replacement and installation

65,00 EUR / pair

Centering the chain rings

30,00 EUR / hour

Diagnostics and configuration of e-bikes

150,00 EUR / hour

Install of a groupset

120,00 EUR

Installation and configuration of bike seat

65,00 EUR

Lepljenje tubularjev

15,00 EUR


For all additional information we are available for you

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