In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), you can return the items that were ordered through a distance purchase (including purchase via the Internet) without providing a reason.

It is sufficient that you inform us (to the e-mail address of your withdrawal from the contract within 14 days. You can return the items to us in the next 30 days.

The returned items must be undamaged, in their original packaging and unchanged in quantity, otherwise we will not return the purchase money!!!
Your purchase money will be transferred to your transactional account within 14 days of returning the products. The only cost that the consumer incurs in relation to the withdrawal from the contract is the direct cost of returning the items.

Returning damaged packages

If the package is physically damaged, has missing contents or shows signs that it has been opened, the buyer must initiate the claim procedure with the Post of Slovenia. This is done by taking the package to the nearest post office in the exact condition as it has been received (without adding or removing anything) and filling in the claim form. Together with the Post of Slovenia, we’ll see to it that the claim is resolved as soon as possible.


The manufacturer is obliged to provide the buyer with a warranty for the faultless operation of purchased items. The buyer can enforce the warranty directly with the manufacturer or its authorised service. The buyer can enforce the warranty if they have the warranty card and the seller’s receipt.

The manufacturer is obliged to perform the warranty repair within 45 days of receiving the item, otherwise it must be replaced with another faultless item of the same value.

The buyer can also enforce the warranty with the seller, but the provision from the previous paragraph also applies in this case.

Warranted items are returned in accordance with the terms specified by the manufacturer on the warranty card.


The claim is valid within 8 days from the day of purchase. Later claims will not be taken into account. We’ll try to settle every claim in the user’s (buyer’s) favour unless the items have been damaged by misuse.

The buyer can issue a claim if the product doesn’t have the properties listed or guaranteed by the seller. The claim is also valid if the seller shipped the wrong product, quantity, colour or if the product in any way differs from the buyer’s order.

In the event of a claim, the buyer may demand that the item be replaced, purchase price reduced in proportion to the item’s flaws, or purchase money returned.


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